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wakka wakka wakka

A friend and I went to Superstore and got some groceries recently.
He got a blueberry pie, and we also ate some chicken on a stick and burned some sausages.
Anyway, the pie totally looked like Pac-Man. See?


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hence the name…

Time = $, like the expression. And… thyme as in the herb. thyme_sm.jpg
And thyme IS money. Lots. Especially when you’re a student with no job in the part of the country with the highest tuition rates. Some ingredients that might be nice to use like saffron or vanilla beans or even fresh herbs aren’t really financially smart with the average student’s budget.
Of course I think it’s worth it. Who needs books, anyway?
So that’s the origin of the name. I’m a mostly-broke wannabe gourmet eating the unversity cafeteria food and dreaming about Madagascar vanilla beans or just steak with potatoes and fresh asparagus.

I might put a subtitle up there (the title) summing that up, although I’m not even 100% sure I’ll stick with the name that I have now. We’ll see. If anyone’s reading this and you have a better food blog name and for some reason I haven’t heard it yet, leave a comment.

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Hello world!

Welcome to my blog! It’s all about food. Or, it will be, soon.
I’m going to post some old pictures and recipes now, they might be unfinished posts for a little bit while I collect recipes and sort through things. I want the blog to be as chronological as possible, but I can’t wait to start actually making updates soon after I cook or bake something exciting.

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