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Ancient cupcakes (and cookies)

My plan is to post my old food pictures, some fairly recent stuff, then jump right into regular updates. Here it goes. I first baked these cupcakes…maybe about a year and a half ago.
I used the Golden Vanilla Cupcake recipe ( here ) and it’s pretty good as is for an easy cupcake recipe. If you’re going to make it be careful not to overmix the batter. I ususally finish it by gently folding in the last of the dry ingredients instead of using an electric mixer.
I can’t believe I hadn’t really made cupcakes before. Very weird. I grew up helping my mom bake and cook in the kitchen, but I guess we didn’t really do cupcakes.
Anyway here are some of my first vanilla cupcakes.

Afterthought: I just remembered searching for a cupcake recipe, and getting tons of helpful Google hits something like “prepare cupcakes according to box instructions. Decorate with icing and candy!” So completely helpful. I really don’t consider that a recipe at all. I’m by no means a food snob, and I’ve actually used a box mix cake once for a base cake that I soaked in caramel and rum and covered in whipped cream (yeah, it tasted awesome. Maybe I’ll do it again and now I can blog about it!). It’s just that you’re not really baking. I actually enjoy getting the flour and sugar together and mushing things with a spoon. Maybe I’m weird, but I think it always tastes better that way. If I didn’t feel like baking I’d buy a cupcake already made. Oh no, my second post already contains a rant. Look, cupcake!

Sugar cookies + icing + some stems and leaves I stole from a plant in the living room.


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